Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Penydarren Park update

Merthyr Town FC Board is pleased to announce that the new lease to Penydarren Park was finally signed yesterday and the keys were handed to the club.

Thankfully the buildings have not noticeably deteriorated during the summer, although there is plenty of tidying up to do.

The part of the building damaged by the fire a couple of weeks ago was not used by the club during the last year and therefore will not hinder unduly the rehabilitation of the ground to its former glory.

The Club will now use the famous venue to wash kit for our first team, youth team and academy age-groups and also store various items in a secure environment.

The pitch needs a little attention. When it has been cut and rolled the first team can start to train there. In addition the pitch will be used for a small number of Merthyr College games and Academy under 18 games.

The Club has targetted the return of international football to Merthyr Tydfil as an incentive to the work to be undertaken by our loyal supporters.

The Western League team will remain at Taffs Well FC for this season, but the plan remains for the only Community Mutual football club in Wales to return to its roots in time for kick off in season 2011/12.

Our thanks to everyone who has shown faith in the Supporters Trust over the previous five years as we move to return our Football Club to the centre of our community.