Friday, 5 December 2008

27th November 2008
Cefn Social Club 7pm

Present: Mark Evans Chair
Geoff Chinnock
Phil Evans
John Strand
Joanna Williams
Christopher Williams
Ian Howells
Len Sankey
Meurig Price
Huw Thomas
Derek Dowling

1. Apologies
: Mike Donovan Vice Chair

2. Minutes of the previous meeting:
The board approved the minutes dated 30th October and 13th November.

3. Matters arising not on the agenda:
· The Chair welcomed Ian Howells to the meeting
· John Strand will contact Huw Lewis to arrange a meeting
· The away shirts will be on sale at the club shop from 28th November 2008
· Martin Hayes and Colin Bodenham have agreed to be subcommittee members
· John Strand sent a letter of thanks to Dave and Joanne Webb
· Meurig Price is unable to attend the Official Supporters Club meeting on Monday.1st December 2008. The board will be represented by Chris Williams and Ian Howells

4. Financial update
4.1 Mark Evans contacted Cooperative Bank with regards to accessing account information and changing signatories. These will now be Mark Evans, Mike Donovan and Phil Evans who is now Treasurer.

4.2 It was agreed that the current accountants will complete the preparation and auditing of the accounts, but that quotes will be sought for next year.

4.3 The board confirmed that the £300.00 weekly payment of player wages would continue until further notice.

5. Events – Initial planning

5.1 LATCH Collection
The event has now been advertised in the Merthyr Express and the board are seeking as much help on the day as possible. Volunteers included John Strand, Derek Dowling, Joanna Williams and Mark Evans. Phil Evans would help if possible due to his role with 50/50 sales and Ian Howells offered to announce the event over the tannoy.
Action Point: John Strand to contact LATCH for promotional equipment.
Action Point: John Strand to contact MTCBC for permission to collect in the town centre.

5.2 Junior Martyrs Christmas Party
Holding the event at Strikers on a Sunday afternoon near Christmas was suggested. The event would include providing a buffet and selection boxes for the JM’s.

Action Point: Chris Williams and Meurig Price to check hall availability.
Action Point: Mark Evans to ask Nigel Hulbert to be Santa Claus

5.3 Sponsor a Goal – Youth Team
It was confirmed that 11 forms were completed at the OSC meeting 24th November 2008.

5.4 Six – a – side Tournament
This has been arranged for the 30th May 2009 – FA Cup final day. It was proposed that teams be invited from Gloucester and other local sides in the league.

5.5 Player of the Year 2008-09
It was revealed that no arrangements have been made for this event for the first team by the club.
Action Point: Chris Williams to provisionally book the hall for the evening of the last home game of the season.
Action Point : Mike Donovan to arrange the event for the youth teams.

5.6 Leaflet Drop
The board decided that the leaflet promotion be held sometime in the new year after the “Come Back to Merthyr” event on New Year’s Day. John Strand volunteered to design the leaflets and Town and Park wards would be the first area chosen.
Action Point: Publicity subcommittee to focus on leaflet drop at next meeting
Action Point: Chris Williams to raise leaflet drop and ‘CBTM’ event at OSC meeting 1st December 2008

5.7 Player of the Month Award
A £20 Boots voucher will be awarded to the winner of the poll conducted by John Strand. This would be based on home games only.

5.8 Free Kids Entry
Vouchers will be distributed to Boys and Girls Clubs in the local areas, with the highest attending club given an opportunity to train with the first team and receive a signed Wales football. It is hoped this will be piloted at the Farnborough game in March 2009. John Strand offered to print the vouchers.

5.9 Pantomime
Action Point: Mark Evans to look into running a trip to Aberdare Coliseum over the Christmas period

5.10 Events planned by the Club/OSC
· 21st December 2008 – Supporters Disco
· 31st December 2008 – New Year Party
· 24th April 2009 - Centenary Celebration – Garry Shephard has apparently suggested the team wear the centenary kit on this day. Discussions arose regarding sponsorship for the kits possibly in the form of an auction prior to or after the game.
Action Point: Chris Williams to discuss this point with Perry Johnson at the OSC meeting 1st December 2008
Action Point: Mark Evans to source the cost of providing the kit.
· Shirt sponsorship – The option for an additional £50 to be sponsored on a player’s shirt is open to the Trust.

6. Publicity and marketing – Initial planning
These were listed as:
Ø Leaflets
Ø Merthyr Express column
Ø Matchday programme
Ø MTTC Website
Action Point: Mike Donovan to set up members of publicity subcommittee as users on the website.
Ø Town centre mailshot
Ø Promotional items such as beer mats
Action Point: John Strand to contact Rhymney Brewery to investigate promotional items

7. Any other business
It was agreed to investigate the possibility of resurrecting the Golden Goal competition as a replacement to the 50/50 draw to potentially raise more on a match days.
Action Point: Chris Williams to raise this at the OSC meeting on 1st December 2008

8. Date and time of next meeting
Thursday 11th December 2008 7pm at Cefn Social Club.