Saturday, 1 November 2008

Board Meeting October 30th 2008

30th October 2008

Attended : Phil Evans, John Strand, Dave Webb, Joanne Webb, Meurig Price, Mike Donovan, Geoff Chinnock, Len Sankey, Chris Williams, Huw Thomas, Derek Dowling, Mark Evans

Matters arising
Huw Lewis AM was invited to tonight’s meeting, but could not attend. John Strand will write offering alternative dates.

Trust has provided funding to the Club Shop in order that the Team away shirt be available to the supporters? The shirt willhave a commemorative Centenary Badge included.

The Let’s Kick Racism out of Football went well. Suggested that this be publicised in paper. JGS to get permission to use photo from official website.

JGS to contact LATCH to arrange a bucket collection.

Election of officers
The following officers were elected for the coming year.
Chair Mark Evans
Vic Chair Mike Donovan
Treasurer Joanne Webb
Secretary John Strand

Sub committees
It was agreed that the following sub committees be created;

· Co-ordination with the Official Supporters Club
Chris Williams and Meurig Price will approach the Official Supporters Club with a view to setting up regular meetings with Official Supporters Club representatives to discuss finances and other matters of co-operation.

· Fundraising and Events organisation
This will include Mark Evans, Phil Evans, Len Sankey, Geoff Chinnock, Huw Thomas

· Marketing & Publicity
This group will consist of Mike Donovan, Dai Webb, John Strand, Meurig Price

· Finance
Officers of the Board

· Administration and Internal Communications
John Strand, Huw Thomas, Chris Williams, Joanna Williams (co-opted member)

· Liaison with Supporters Direct
Dai Webb

· Disabled Supporters Liaison
Derek Dowling

Sub Committees will meet on second Thursday of each month. The main Board will continue to meet on the last Thursday of the month.

John Strand will prepare a proposed schedule of meetings for the coming year.

Future Strategy
This discussion included a report on expenses that the Trust incurs throughout the year as a warning that the Trust may not be able to continue to afford to pay £300 per week without dipping into reserves, unless increased sources of income are found.

It was agreed that the Finance sub committee would report to the Board with a detailed plan of expenditure and income for the coming year, based on current trends.

In the meanwhile the Trust will continue to pay £300 per week to the players’ budget while this report is being prepared.

It was agreed that the new sub committee would consider ways of publicising Trust events more frequently and effectively.

It was agreed that the sub committee for Co-ordination meet with the Official Supporters Club to consider ways of improving lottery profits together. In the meanwhile, as already agreed the trust will continue to pay £300 towards players’ wages.

Other Business
Mr Dai Webb and Mr Phil Evans recently attended the national conference of Supporters Direct, our umbrella organisation. Mr Webb reported on the following discussions at the conference.

A discussion was held with Northwich Victoria Trust.

The need to maintain prudent cash reserves in the Trust.

Consider the need for surveys in the town.

The need for a business plan and strategy.

Possibility of developing internal Intranet for members.

Consider taking advantage of government sponsoring opportunities.

Consider links with commercial enterprises who might offer reductions for members – such as Pizza Hut Mr Webb to follow up.

Mr Evans reported that he is making an application to set up a small museum for the club in the club shop