Sunday, 12 October 2008

Martyrs to the Cause - AGM Report

The Trust held its AGM at the Cefn Coed Club on Thursday 9th October.

The minutes of the Trust are below this post.

The meeting was much better attended than previous AGMs, with around 30 people. There were the usual annual reports from the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

The elections to the Board, in which over 90% of members voted, saw a return of the five members previously serving on the Board, to join the seven current members whose period of tenure continues into the next year.

Under Other Business there was a continuation of the ongoing discussion about the relationship of the Trust, the Football Club and the Supporters club, and the extent to which the Trust should support the club financially.

Varying views were expressed. Some felt that more of Soccalot profits should go to the club. Other were of the view that prudent reserves should be continue to be built up.

That facts are;
That the funds given by the trust to the club in the last year exceeded income by about £6000.
The amount already committed to the Academy and the club for the current season are more than 50% of projected income. The elected Trust Board will continue to review this question on a month to month basis.

Martyrs to the Cause
Minutes of Annual General Meeting
Held at Cefn Coed Social Club
Thursday, 9th October 2008


An apology was received from Mark Evans, who was unable to attend because of work commitments.

Chair’s Report
Chairman Mr Dave Webb gave a report of the years activities. The main points of the report covered the following;
The relationship between the Football Club, the Supporters Club and the Trust in the last year.
The Trust’s attempts to improve communications.
The rules governing the Trust, as a registered Trust under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1965 – 78.
Community activities.
The Trusts relationship with Supporters direct.
Levels of Membership.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer Mrs Joanne Webb reported that over the past year the Trusts Reserves had reduced in the past year, because donations to the Youth teams and the first team had exceeded income.
The balance at the beginning of the year was £37,500. The current balance after reserved Soccalot prize money and other commitments is £31,500.
Mrs Webb emphasised the need to maintain prudent reserves to enable the Trust to meet its long term objectives.

Secretary’s Report
Acting secretary John Strand reported the fact that Mr Mark Evans had resigned as secretary in the spring for business and personal reasons. Since then John Strand has informally carried out secretary’s duties – taking minutes, dealing with correspondence, dealing with membership matters and overseeing the recent election of Trust Board members.
Membership is currently 67, which is a reduction of about 20 from the highest point in the last year. Of those 67 members 62 took the trouble to post their vote in the recent election for the Trust Board.

Appointment of Auditors
It was proposed that the current auditors be re-appointed, but it was agreed that quotes be obtained from alternative sources.

Election Results
The election to the Board of the Merthyr Tydfil Supporters Society for 2008/2009 was overseen by returning officer Councillor Allan Jones. The results are as follows;

Voting slips received 62

Results of voting
Mike Donovan 48
David Druce 13
Mark Evans 56
Ian Howells 13
Matthew Randell 13 (withdrew after ballot papers issued)
John Strand 55
David Webb 37
Chris Williams 49

The Board members for the coming year are as follows (seven board members carry forward on the basis of elections in previous years in line with the constitution)

Mike Donovan Mark Evans John Strand David Webb Chris Williams Joanne Webb Phil Evans Derek Dowling Len Sankey Meurig Price Geoff Chinnock Huw Thomas

Aims & objectives in coming year
Mr Dave Webb the Chairman outlined aims of the coming year, which are as follows;
Establish sub committees to include non Board members to develop Trust activities.
To look for opportunities to develop community activities – similar to the Kick Out Racism Campaign.
To improve communications with public bodies – such as Welsh Assembly, which has recently announced its intention of working with Supporters direct to give Welsh sports fans a greater say in how their clubs are run.

Other Business
A discussion took place around the question of the relationship of the Trust with the Football Club and Supporters Club, and the extent to which the Trust should provide funds for First Team operations.

Some felt that the Trust should commit substantial funds to First Team costs. The view was expressed that some Soccalot sellers would like more of the money they raise to go towards First Team costs. Conversely some Soccalot sellers are keen for a substantial amount of their money raised to be kept by the Trust as reserves.

The current facts are that in recent months the Soccalot has raised approximately £300 per week (equivalent £15,000 per year). Other sources of income such as Friday night 50/50 and matchday 50/50 have been lost. During the last year funds paid to the club were at least £25,000. For the current season £7900 (about 50% of projected income in the next 12 months) is committed to supporting Academy and First team activities.